[Pharo-project] Regarding SimpleMorphic

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Apr 1 09:13:51 CEST 2011

Stef wrote:
>Why this hierarchy is wrong?

I did not say that the hierarchy is correct! And agree that
composition is better suited than inheritance here.

But Benjamin said "Workspace is not a model, it's a view basically."

This is wrong since this is more centralized towards what you
see (the workspace view) and not whats behind it.

I'm just at the position that a Browser IS A model and NOT a view
and that it can have one or more different views.

Nothing more said in my post. 

Fernando Olivero
>Correct, but this is not enough to advocate for the removal of the
>Browser as a "model" for the view.


Just because the model assembles the view that doesnt mean we
should remove a clean browser model!!!

We should clearly support MVC in the future and also introduce 
a View class. Let's think about it:

     subclass Browser
     subclass BrowserView

If we have a browser view - how strongly connected should it 
be to Morphic - especially when we think of other kind of UI 
bindings like Morphic, SimpleMorphic, GtK, HTML, ...
Or should we name it BrowserMorph?

And is this hierarchy design/naming correct. Let's verify:
It is not necessary that the model assembles the view - but
often wished that you open the view by sending a simple
message. Currently in Pharo you send it to the model:

    "Browser open"

If you evaluate the result you SEE is a view, the result 
you GET if you inspect it is the model (who shouldnt know
about the views). 

But often you also wish to acess the view (who always knows 
about its model). So we have a conflict here and have to
use tricks to access the view afterwards.

So what about a different design, lets use the name
"Browser" for the view part:

     subclass BrowserModel
     subclass Browser

If you evaluate "Browser open" you should get a view back
on the browser and if you ask for "model" you should 
get the instance of BrowserModel. Looks cleaner but
different from what we currently have.

Maybe we talk all about the same thing and it is more
about naming. We could also be more explicit:

     subclass BrowserModel
     subclass BrowserView


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