[Pharo-project] Pharo 1.3 process

laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 19:12:50 CEST 2011


as I'm a little lost on Pharo 1.2 (1.2.1 full was announced but I haven't
seen 1.2.0, no big party, no 1 million download contest, BBC announcement...
:) I wonder how we can improve the process for 1.3.

I'm thinking about:
- not starting Pharo 1.4 too soon as I feel it will steal energy from Pharo
- freezing early to have shorter release and have less stuff to fix with
maximum energy (it seems energy go down quickly in the fixing period)
- a failing test should be highest priority: it's easier to fix a broken
feature/test as soon as it appears
- one guy should drive the release (I feel that Mariano did this for Pharo
1.1 and we know who we should talk to).

Any idea ?

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