[Pharo-project] [ANN 1.2] 1.2.1 Full Release Image

Serge Stinckwich serge.stinckwich at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 11:47:53 CEST 2011

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 4:16 PM, Sven Van Caekenberghe <sven at beta9.be> wrote:
> On 03 Apr 2011, at 09:35, Marcus Denker wrote:
>>       https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/28435/Pharo-1.2.1-11.04.03.zip
>>       Marcus
> Marcus et al,
> I have to agree with Laurent: you and the rest of Pharo are being way too modest here. Like most users I have been waiting for 1.2.x to be announced with a big splash. I know and understand how it has been a long and boring process at the end.
> Like you said, a release is just a release: a group of developers deciding that the current state of the system is 'good enough'. I have been using a #12333 hudson/jenkins built Seaside 3.0.3 image for more than a month for development and server deployment and it has been a very nice experience (in other words, it worked perfectly).
> So, from my part: thank you for all the efforts, the results are fantastic!
> So please, organize some kind of splash!


Yes i agree, we need to release Pharo 1.2.
This is not perfect but this is usuable without too much problems.
The next release will be better ;-)

A big applause for the Pharo core team !!!
Serge Stinckwich
UMI UMMISCO 209 (IRD/UPMC), Hanoi, Vietnam
Every DSL ends up being Smalltalk

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