[Pharo-project] Transcript rant

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 14:28:06 CEST 2011

It is broken, badly broken..

of course its a piece of cake to add #ensureCr method , so VMMaker
will work properly..
but the problem is that Transcript from Cuis is even worse than we had before.

First thing, is that Transcript is no longer a global variable, but
instead a singleton class (Transcript).
So, now, what i suppose to do if i want to redirect all
Transcript show: ...
to file instead of in-image stream?

Second. I told it before and i will repeat it again.
Transcript ===== WriteStream

yes, it is stream.

And Transcript as a tool  - a window which you see on desktop is a
view of that stream. Do you follow?  Transcript is model, and
transcript window is view. Simple enough?
Then why its not like that?

So, we should have a model,  which is a stream,
and as many as we like views, which simply listening of updates on
that stream and updating their view correspondingly..

This means that to do it right, we should do something like following:

- Transcript is a stream, but which also notifies the view(s) about
new stuff coming in, so views can react and update themselves
- Transcript is write only stream, and any attempts to seek or read
from it should be prohibited. Sorry guys.. if i'd like to do
transcript logging via socket,
where i suppose to take a content which i already sent via wire?

it would be really nice to have xtreams, which allow stream
composition.. so then transcript is a composed stream of a following

notifier stream -> output stream

notifier stream is direct any writes to output stream, but in addition
it notifies any listeners about new content are written to it. This is
easy to implement using xtreams..
but not so easy with old streams (but its doable).
An output stream could be anything, which application/image wants to be.
For obvious reasons, i'd like to redirect all transcript output in
headless mode to stdout. It was doable with old implementation.. but
with a new one its impossible, because then i will need to replace
class with something else,
and then restore it back when i have to switch back to normal operation...

Views.. Views are receiving notifications and update their own
contents (usually text morphs). There could be as many as one wants
views on transcript stream. Not only one.
I really don't like that in new transcript i can't even select a text
or clear window... from my POV this is what called regression.

Make it simple, but not simpler (c) Albert Einstein.

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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