[Pharo-project] On Pharo 1.2

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Mon Apr 4 20:28:58 CEST 2011

Sorry for changing topic ... but with all these
[ANN] replies we cant see if there are really new 

When 1.2 Hudson was red nobody seemed to care and
now that it is green/blue again discussion starts. Good or bad?
At least I wished that happened earlier and a red Hudson 
shows that we have to do our homework.

Pharo 1.2 really took time and I think we can expect further 
releases to take even longer since the more we clean up the 
harder it would be to keep compatibility with all the existing 
(old) packages.

We all know a core alone would be useless - we have to decide 
which packages are maintainable by the community and worth 
to move forward with Pharo-dev.

We have two goals that sometimes collide:
 -> build a small kernel/core
 -> build a better Smalltalk (feature rich and with good tools)

If we work on cleaned up loadable/unloadable and well tested
packages it would be less problematic since we can work in 
both images and load/unload as needed. That should be the 
main goal for 1.3. and beyond. Hudson is our watchdog.

Nonetheless ... with Pharo 1.1 the open source ST world 
already changed and we have first companies/people using Pharo. 
Pharo is an accepted Smalltalk version.

Since Pharo 1.2 is a much better and cleaner version I hope
this will continue/raise and Pharo will find more new friends
to help.  :)

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