[Pharo-project] A lil simplification of MorphTreeNodeMorph

Alain Plantec alain.plantec at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 21:39:17 CEST 2011

Le 05/04/2011 20:08, Igor Stasenko a écrit :
> Cut out some code and extra morphs.
> It speeds up rendering to 60% of original.
thanks for reviewing this code!
> @Benjamin
> Please verify if it positioning stuff correctly. Because in my image
> Settings are now OK.
> @all
> I need your feedback to know if it works correctly in other places,
> where tree morph used.
you need to remove all references to spacers inst var since it seems to 
be not used anymore now.

another point, try all examples in Morphic-MorphTreeWidget-Examples.
now, the height of each row is constant.
It is because of the RowLayout that is used for MorphTreeNodeMorph 
instead of a ProportionalLayout.
see ClassTreeExample before and after your changes.

ClassTreeExample new openOn: Object


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