[Pharo-project] Issue 3967 in pharo: Announcement enhancement

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Wed Apr 6 22:24:32 CEST 2011

Status: Accepted
Owner: stephane... at gmail.com

New issue 3967 by stephane... at gmail.com: Announcement enhancement

Both solutions lead to remaining subscribers being notified when an error  
So which is decided upon, depends on which of their respective benefits are  
valued more.
For that, it'd be nice if more than 2 people chimed in on. :)

Short summary (not guaranteed to be 100% objective)

Curtailing ->
- Your image may crash in some cases, more specifically if you:
1) have errors in subscribers to announcements made in system-critical  
processes, as they will be suspended while debugging.
2) deliver announcements in a separate thread from where they're announced,  
and the announcing thread does so regularily.
+ Easy to debug. Entire call-chain available, no modification to state  
caused by subsequent subscribers. Restart should always lead in bug being  

The remove-from-subscriptions part of Error-handling and ifCurtailed could  
be combined as well, in which case #2 no longer applies.

Error handling ->
- Hard/impossible to debug because:
1) If your error was in ordering, debugger will step through flawlessly if  
2) You start at the context of the subscriptions action, no idea where it  
came from.
+ More robust, none of the cases mentioned in Curtailing will crash your  

With the different pros/cons mentioned above in mind, here are .cs with  
example implementations for what  both Igor / I would like. (minus  
remove-from-subscriptions for ifCurtailed: )

	AnnouncementErrorHandling.zip  1.7 KB

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