[Pharo-project] Actions done in 1.3

Casimiro de Almeida Barreto casimiro.barreto at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 22:52:06 CEST 2011

Em 06-04-2011 17:32, Eliot Miranda escreveu:
> (...)
> I couldn't disagree more.  Especially with VisualWorks time-boxing has
> caused problems with quality and delivery of functionality.
>  Fundamentally there is no point putting out a release for the sake of
> it. A release is about functionality, both new functionality and bug
> fixes.  Without either of these there is absolutely no point in
> releasing anything beyond marketing.  Yes, during a release one can
> make the call that because a subset of the functionality will arrive
> much later than the rest of the functionality it makes sense for that
> late functionality to slip the release and arrive in a later one.  But
> that doesn't imply putting out an essentially empty release for the
> sake of promptness.
+1 Here
> One thing I do approve of is maintennance releases, where some time
> after an initial release one puts out a maintennance release that only
> contains bug fixes and no new functionality and I think there are good
> arguments for and positive experience with scheduling the maintennance
> release to arrive at some fixed time after the first release, e.g. 4
> to 6 months.  But major releases must IMO be driven by content.
+1 Here but...

I think that maintenance releases must be presented in the form of
"software updates" (meaning, no need to install a new image & reinstall
everything in it). Ideally it should be possible to upgrade fixes
without breaking what's working.
> best
> Eliot
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