[Pharo-project] A step toward reducing complexity

Tudor Girba tudor.girba at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 11:02:58 CEST 2011


On 8 Apr 2011, at 10:41, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

>>> is it for pharo?
>> I do not know because I do not understand what the process is anymore. I tried to get a process going in which the design of UI goes through the same rigor and integration like the object-oriented design, but it did not work yet :(.
> You lost me there.

Perhaps I did not understand your question.

> You are talking about Glamour.

No. Glamour is but an effort to stream knowledge through one technology. But, I am talking about the ui in general. I am talking about the fact that in the distribution is just fine to add another color, another kind of selection, another way of interactive, and nobody really cares. I know that the intention is not to have that at the end, but in the end we do have that, so the process is not working :). In the UI world we have what we hate in the programming world.

>> We need a project. I proposed to do this in the context of the The Glamorous Toolkit project and to integrate all these concerns, including the UI look and feel.
> Yes I thought that this is what you were doing.

I am doing that, but that is about it. The little pieces are not worked on because of this goal. They are worked on because someone has some interest in some corner. And they almost never get properly integrated. So, at the moment this project is failing from my point of view.

But, I will stop raising this issue :).

>> I would offer to lead this. Right now, everyone is still pretty much working on UI by looking at smaller pieces in his own corner. That is not bad, but it is not enough.
> I'm talking just about the UITheme. So I was planning to rename the GLMglamour looks which is in pharo and do the refactoring but what I could do is to start from yours so that the one we use gets all your improvements. And you could load yours on the side.



> Stef
>> Like small graphical issues related to the fact that GLMUITheme does no longer inherit all the helpers and effects from Watery2.
>> At the moment, I basically copied some of these from Watery2 (like the management of the close/minimize/maximize) buttons.


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