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laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 20:28:46 CEST 2011

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 11:33 AM, Marcus Denker <marcus.denker at inria.fr>wrote:

> On Apr 9, 2011, at 9:34 AM, laurent laffont wrote:
> Hi,
> I discovered Smalltalk and Pharo almost three years ago and just after read
> Chad Fowler book "Passionate Programmer" (1st edition title was "My job went
> to India"). These have changed my developer life, how I perceive software
> and that great technology is fun, people doing it more. You're a cool
> community and I'm proud to be there.
> Now I've started an aside (paid :) independent developer activity thanks to
> a cool guy. That would not be possible without all the stuff I learn every
> day from the community and the urge to continue you give me.
> Each time I've made a step forward (open a blog, write ProfStef, fix bugs,
> create PharoCasts) I've been amazed that the generated effects were those
> described in Passionate Programmer (go read it !) The last chapter is "Go
> independent" so now I need the sequel ;)
> So we can add an entry to the "companies using pharo" soon, I hope!
> http://www.pharo-project.org/about/success-stories

I don't have a company name and no website yet.... But I hope too !


>  --
> Marcus Denker  -- http://www.marcusdenker.de
> INRIA Lille -- Nord Europe. Team RMoD.
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