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Stefan Marr pharo at stefan-marr.de
Wed Apr 13 17:14:51 CEST 2011


On 13 Apr 2011, at 16:44, Mariano Martinez Peck wrote:

> "Running on the JVM" and "Running on the JVM" are two completely different things.
> Here seems to be the same
> 'Running on the JVM'  = 'Running on the JVM'  -> true
> ehehhe I guess you forgot to change something or I am so stupid to understand...
Sorry, that was on purpose. 'Running on the JVM' is just a useless term.

Potato shows how to implement an interpreter in Java that runs on top of the JVM.
With some minor adaptations it would also be able to run Pharo.
But the question is, how useful would that be. With that model, it is not directly possible to exploit JVM mechanism like threads.
It is basically identical to the SqueakVM with just exchanging C for Java.

Even compiling Smalltalk to Java bytecode does not get you closer to leveraging the JVM.
It would be 'just' Cog, with JVM bytecodes as a target instead of x86.
You get speed, but you do not really get closer to use the JVM platform.

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> Just a reminder:
>  http://news.squeak.org/2008/07/07/potato-version-of-jsqueak-from-hpi/

PS: It would be awesome if my mail client would be able to quote your mail correctly.

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