[Pharo-project] Issue 4006 in pharo: Some UI improvement

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Wed Apr 13 17:52:26 CEST 2011

Status: FixProposed
Owner: Benjamin... at gmail.com
Labels: Nautilus

New issue 4006 by Benjamin... at gmail.com: Some UI improvement

- Extraction of a method in IconicButton to allow subclasses to easily  
redefine the extra border.
- a forgotten change set about PluggableMenuItemSpec to allow the  
enablement to depend of a block without be forced of building the whole  
menu again

	IconicButtonImprovement.1.cs  728 bytes
	PluggableMenuItemSpec.BenjaminVanRyseghem.1.cs  1.1 KB

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