[Pharo-project] PostgresSQL - ODBC

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Thu Apr 14 01:51:56 CEST 2011

You didn't miss anything that I can see - just passing along something I wish I had found in writing a few hours ago  =:0

I was motivated to get ODBC working specifically because it has worked well for me too.  At least in the version of ODBCLibrary that I am using, there is some room to grow with respect to discarding old objects on session start, and I continue to think we need (perhaps optional) logging to failures to load, failures to open ports, etc.  Any time the vm translates something that we pass to it (name into path to library, port name into number or vice versa), there should be a way to log it w/o having to recompile the vm.


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I missed the start of the thread but I've been using PostgreSQL and Pharo for quite a while on Windows XP (both PostgreSQL & Pharo).  So far, Pharo is rock-solid with ODBC, at least on WinXP !

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Hello all,

I have been successful in using unixODBC and a Postgres driver to communicate with what I believe is an encrypting server (at least according to pgadmin).  I did lots of things, such as building the driver from source, that might have been critical, but I strongly suspect that the key to success was simply using ServerName in place of Server in .odbc.ini.



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