[Pharo-project] Meanwhile, at another vm

Dave Mason dmason at mason-rose.ca
Thu Apr 14 16:13:50 CEST 2011

On Apr 14, 2011, at 04:13, Michael Haupt wrote:

> I'm puzzled; where is #become: mentioned as being implemented in that
> talk? It's mostly about INVOKEDYNAMIC, which is an entirely different
> thing. (They mention HotSwap on one slide, but that, as I wrote, has
> been around since 1.4, and is also not really #become:.)

I'n not sure what you mean that hotswap (or rather HotSwap) has been around since 1.4... do you perhaps mean HotSpot - the better jitter?

I haven't dug into the fine details, but here is a post from 2006 by Gilad Bracha, sometimes contributor to this list:


and the update to it is the slides I cited say there is a patch to support hotswap currently as of Sept 2009.

Perhaps Gilad is listening, and can provide some context.


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