[Pharo-project] Issue 3871 in pharo: [Failing Test] 1.3 ReduceTest.testReduceCollection3Arguments

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Fri Apr 15 14:56:43 CEST 2011

Comment #1 on issue 3871 by thomas.h... at gmail.com: [Failing Test] 1.3  

Name: Collections-Abstract-ThomasHolzer.130
Author: ThomasHolzer
Time: 15 April 2011, 2:55:10 pm
UUID: 2d36eaff-6047-0142-b9e1-802b35007254
Ancestors: Collections-Abstract-StephaneDucasse.129

Fix for issue 3871.
Problem was caused by an incorrect implementation of reduce: on Collection.
This implementation only worked for blocks with 2 arguments.
Issue was fixed by converting the collection to a sequenceable collection  
and reusing the reduce functionalitz of that one.

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