[Pharo-project] Smalltalk, git, files, the universe and everything...okay not everything:)

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Wed Apr 20 20:09:33 CEST 2011

On Apr 20, 2011, at 8:02 PM, Casey Ransberger wrote:

> I think MC is working out really well for Squeak: development has been unstuck ever since we started using the workflow from Pharo;)
And when we started to do that in 3.9, we got critized to death... it's not the process that unstuck Squeak. 

The fact is: Squeak moves because Pharo marches in front. Pharo unstuck Squeak.

I *tried* with all my energy to move Squeak and I could not. It was impossible.


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