[Pharo-project] Smalltalk, git, files, the universe and everything...okay not everything:)

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 23:00:53 CEST 2011

2011/4/20 Dale Henrichs <dhenrich at vmware.com>:
> It's just an added dimension of complexity ... not to mention the cost of converting existing development processes, tools, artifacts to the new system...it took Monticello nearly a decade to become commonly used:)
> I think that this is a problem that does need to be solved (along with others:) so I'm not claiming that "all is lost, we'll never be file-based" I just think it is a tough problem that would have been solved by now, if it was easy:)

A thing I not understand is why we need to go "file-based" if we are
already object based (several steps ahead)?

> Until then, long live SqueakSource3 and SmalltalkHub:)

Sure! But, (I'm only asking) we couldn't using Git with objects? It's
only curiosity, not that I would like Git, eheh, I knew Github only


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