[Pharo-project] Smalltalk, git, files, the universe and everything...okay not everything:)

Miguel Cobá miguel.coba at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 00:43:31 CEST 2011

El mié, 20-04-2011 a las 18:17 -0400, Scott Gibson escribió:
> I have been using a DVCS since at least 2005 and live by it for Perl (as well as other things) development.  It is frustrating for me to use anything else.  Because I have to jump between tasks, and because I am so scatter brained, I need it in order to simply keep track of all my projects and the changes that I have made.  A DVCS fits to my workflow no matter how I need to do my work.
> However, though I am very new to Smalltalk and while I am used to the tools that I have been using for years I still do not feel compelled to use a DVCS that I am so used to.  Monticello could use some improvements perhaps, but I currently do not see a compelling reason to change it for something else.  I appreciate what an object system has to offer instead of just flat files.  Things are radically different for me now.  Instead of dealing with a combination of a RDBMS, Perl applications, and shell scripts I have a complete system with more than just a language (thanks Eliot for the clarity).  All the time I am used to using UNIX commands, SQL commands, editor features just to do my work.  With Smalltalk I have all of that with a consistent language that reduces all of the ways I need to consider to slice and dice the things I am looking to accomplish.  And all of this in just an image file!
> I do still struggle hard with Smalltalk (it is so new and so radically different for me - yet the code is so much cleaner and easier when done right) but I still do not see a compelling reason to use Git for my development.
> I know this discussion tends to come up ever so often.  What am I missing?  Is it perhaps because I am coming from the outside in?  If you use Git what benefit would you have by using binary files?  Or if you were to use some sort of text file, what benefit would you have by removing them from the system in which they exist?

A couple of things,

- Squeak/Pharo already use files, that is a fact and is unavoidable
(changes files, image files, sources files, etc) so the thing is not if
using or not files. They are used and they have killed anyone by

- The point is not use files to store the source code but integrate
Squeak/Pharo with infrastructure that building on the capabilities given
by git to the developers (mainly cheap and fast branching) added a
social ingredient that is revolutioning the way that projects are being
developed in the open source world. That is what github is doing. Has
nothing to do with if git versioning files or blobs or objects. It is
that enables people to show, publish, fork, contribute back and
advertise its open source project in a way that is visible to a lot more
people that ever before.


Miguel Cobá

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