[Pharo-project] What is a well documented class?

Alexandre Bergel alexandre.bergel at me.com
Sun Apr 24 05:13:15 CEST 2011


I am dreaming about a tool to help me document source code. The question I have is what is a well documented class?
What do you think about the following:

A well documented class is a class:
  - that contains a class comment
  - its class comments contains either an example, or an associated unit test
  - without 'as yet unclassified' method category
  - each public method belongs to a method category named public*
  - each private method belongs to a method category named private*
  - each method contains a comment, located before the declaration of temporary variables
  - other methods are considered as "package visible", meaning that they belong to a category that does not begins with 'private' or 'public'
  - without commented code contained in its methods.

Is there anything else?

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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