[Pharo-project] new template for class empty comments for OB

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Apr 24 19:39:59 CEST 2011

Hi lukas

could you add the following in OB for missing template


templateOn: aStream
	aStream nextPutAll: theClass name; nextPutAll: ' has not been documented yet. The class comment should describe the purpose of the class, its collaborations and its variables. '.
	aStream nextPutAll: 'We encourage you to fill up the following template.'; cr;cr.
	aStream nextPutAll: 'Class intention';cr ; tab.
	aStream nextPutAll: 'I''m doing the following ...';cr;cr.

	aStream nextPutAll: 'Class collaborations'; cr;tab.
	aStream nextPutAll: 'I usually do not work in isolation but with the help of ...'; cr ;cr .

	aStream nextPutAll: 'Class main API'; cr; tab. 
	aStream nextPutAll: 'My main public API is ...'.

	aStream nextPutAll: 'My subclasses may want to override such specific hooks ...'; cr.	

	aStream nextPutAll: 'Implementation notes';cr. 

	self templateLabel: 'Instance Variables:' class: theClass variables: theClass instVarNames on: aStream.
	self templateLabel: 'Class Instance Variables:' class: theClass class variables: theClass class instVarNames on: aStream

I did the same for the default browser.


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