[Pharo-project] Suggestions: move examples from UIThemes class to ExampleBuilderMorph class

DougEdmunds dougedmunds at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 20:56:57 CEST 2011

A couple of suggestions

Part 1. 
Move the methods in the UIThemes class, protocol 'examples' to 
ExampleBuilderMorph class, protocol 'examples'.

Rationale: Every one of these examples first creates an instance of
as the base class that the example is built on. These examples do not
anything about how to use UITheme.

I made a file that duplicates the methods from UITheme class -examples- to 
ExampleBuilderMorph class -examples-, suitable for filein. Methods such as 
ExampleBuilderMorph class >>exampleBasicControls work fine, 
indicating they have no dependence on UITheme.  
The file's 347 lines, so I'm not posting it here, unless requested.

Part 2.
Then move ExampleBuilderMorph and ExampleRadioButtonModel from
into a new package called Polymorph-Widgets-Examples.  

Rationale: This would be reduce the size of Polymorph-Widgets, and make it
obvious that there are some examples of the widgets to look at.  
UITheme class is not the place where one expects to find examples of
checkboxes, etc. Also this would be consistent with other Morphic packages.
(Morphic-MorphTreeWidget and Morphic-MorphTreeWidget-Examples)



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