[Pharo-project] Process for fixing a package in stable but not in core?

Michael Forster mike at sharedlogic.ca
Tue Apr 26 18:47:29 CEST 2011


Forgive me, but I'm still new to the Pharo development process, and my
problem lies somewhere between being a Pharo developer and user.

First, "Beeper beep" does not work in the current 1.2.1 image that I'm
using for production.  I need to fix it and would like to share that
fix with the community.

Second, I see from (closed) Issue 3489 that this is not a Pharo core
problem, but one with the PharoSound package, and that, apparently, it
might be fixed in the latest package version.

Third, I fire up my 1.2.1 image, open the PharoSound squeaksource
repository in the monticello browser and discover that, as expected,
squeaksource does have some newer packages than the image.  For

    1.2.1-image: Sound-GuillermoPolito.63


    squeaksource: Sound-MarianoMartinezPeck.65

However, in other cases, the squeaksource package is _older_ than the
image's.  For example,

    squeaksource: ConfigurationOfPharoSound-GuillermoPolito.17


    1.2.1-image: ConfigurationOfPharoSound-GuillermoPolito.22.

How does one make sense of this?  While can I reliably get the latest
version of PharoSound loaded in a 1.2.1 image so that I know I'm
writing and testing my fixes against a version that I can give back to
the community -- and, more importantly, won't be blown away by some
upcoming package version juggling?



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