[Pharo-project] about the transcript: Model vs Morph

Fernando Olivero fernando.olivero at usi.ch
Wed Apr 27 12:49:41 CEST 2011

Hi, I wanted to better understand the issues raised agains the (new) Transcript.

Many people are arguing against the current Morph widget displaying
the Transcript, complaining that it is read only. The fix is simple,
provide a new implementation of TranscriptMorph , which provides cut &
paste, scrolling , and the other functionality previously there.

This is the announcement on the benefits of the new transcript made by Juan.

 New Transcript
  Fast (Calls return quickly)
  Fast (Updates are immediate)
  Thread safe
  Can log to file in addition to Display
  Display output is optional (for headless images)
  Can work on a bare bones image (Doesn't need UI, dependency, events,
  Optional morphic window for seamless integration in Morphic
  UI framework agnostic. Can be used to debug Morphic, even with the
morphic window open, without crashing the image!
  No longer a text editor. Display is read only.

So according to the mails in the list, Pharo disagrees on the last
issue, but this means only improving the TranscriptMorph.
I dont have time to work on it, but will next week.

Are people actually complaining against the (new) Transcript model? or
just the TranscriptMorph missing features ?

I recall Igor, wanting the Transcript to be polymorphic with the
protocol of a WriteStream. Which is already there.


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