[Pharo-project] Best strategy for ConfigurationOfPharo using #stable

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 10:07:48 CEST 2011

Hi Dale. For Pharo 1.3 I want to (try) to use all #stable, i.e, I want that
ConfigurationOfPharo doesn't explicitly load a specific version of every
project but instead, the #stable.
First step I need to do (I will try to do it during the weekend) is to
update #stable in each of the ConfigurationOf used by ConfuigurationOfPharo.
That's an easy part.

Now, my question is...I don't really understand how the confs would look
like after. I mean, 99% of the cases (in fact, at the beginning it will be
100% until I find a problem), the version I use will be #stable. So,the
version of ConfgiruationOfPharo AND all the Configurations used by
ConfgiruationOfPharo would look something like this:

                project: 'Autotest' with: #stable;
                project: 'Autotest Help Tests' with: #stable;
                project: 'MemoryMonitor' with: #stable;
                project: 'XMLSupport' with: #stable;

I mean...every single project reference will have #stable instead of a
specific version. So...is this expected? is this the way I should do it ?

Finally...is there a query I can do to Metacello saying "which are the
ConfigurationsOf needed for this version for this group of this Conf" ?


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