[Pharo-project] squeaksource Seaside30 repo out of sync

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Sat Apr 30 04:05:52 CEST 2011

More data from my build cache:

~/pub/builder/cache$ ls -l */Seaside-Core-as*
... 275758 Feb  7 07:32 Seaside 3.0/Seaside-Core-as.695.mcz
... 281915 Mar 10 07:32 Seaside 3.0/Seaside-Core-as.712.mcz
... 275758 Feb  7 08:32 WIP Seaside 3.0/Seaside-Core-as.695.mcz
... 281914 Mar 10 08:32 WIP Seaside 3.0/Seaside-Core-as.712.mcz

I can no longer see Seaside-Core-as.712.mcz in the repo.

Notice how the file sizes are different for as.712, but they're the same 
value for as.695

The time stamp is from when my builds are triggered. The date stamp is 
the date the file was cached from the repo.

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