[Pharo-project] how to use dejavu bitmap fonts

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Tue Feb 1 06:36:04 CET 2011

>> The package should be updated to 1.2.
>> It should declare fonts probably in one of the classVar of the TextConstant SharedPool.
>> Probably
>>        TextSharedInformation have a look.
>> In 1.2 we cleaned the last global poolvar = textConstant which was used as a pool but also as a repository to plug anything inside
>> instead of specific classVariable in adequate classes. It was a good plate of spaghettis code.
>> I know that benjamin wants to take some times to do another pass and move the left over to the class they belongs to but it will
>> take some time.
>> Stef
> Nice effort to clean this up.
> Among the so called "Constants", I remember browsing one recently :
> (TextConstants at: #pixelsPerInch).
> Uh, this one should be device dependent, shouldn't it ?
> No, 96 seems the only figures written in the stone, and you'll hardly
> find any other thing but this default value in a Squeak image.
> Moreover, if you analyze Squeak code, you'll see some hardcoded 96 DPI
> here and there.
> Hope Pharo will give a kick in the anthill (literal translation of a
> french saying).

Join and help. There are a lot of things that are like that. 

> Nicolas

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