[Pharo-project] [ANN] pharo focused sprint - bern, feb 26

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 1 19:25:11 CET 2011

Though I can't be there in person I can make time to be available on the 
Pharo IRC channel...
Sounds like fun!

Regards, Gary

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We would like to organize a Pharo Sprint on Saturday, February 26 at SCG, 
University of Berne, Switzerland (room 107):

Unlike other sprints, this would not be about fixing things from the 
tracker, but about building something new and reviewing the situation around 
one central topic. For this one, the main topic will be Morphic and the IDE. 
Why? Because it is time to rethink our day-to-day tools and bring them 
closer to this century (ok, maybe decade :)). It is Ok if you are not a 
specialist. It is more important to want to participate and learn. The rest 
will come in time.

***** Please let us know by mail if you plan to attend and what you would 
wish to work on (see below).

Proposed tasks (other tasks are possible in the same area):
- Enhancements of Morphic widgets:
--- TabGroupMorph with lazy pages, closable tabs, overflow handling and 
toolbars (a start exists in Glamour)
--- High level support for collapsable panes (based on the input of Gary)
--- SearchMorph with multiple groups of items (like in Spotlight)
--- MorphTreeMorph integrated with GeneralScrollPane to allow for space 
--- BreadcrumbMorph
--- Hyperlinks in TextMorphs
- Test and enhance the current IDE
- Evaluate TextMorphs: NewTextMorph, PluggableTextMorph, 
SMxPluggableTextMorph etc
- Prototype a new ToolSet solution
- Enhancements of Glamour and of the Glamorous Toolkit
--- Debugger
--- Coder
--- Multipage Workspace
--- CodeBubbles
- Develop WeakAnnouncement (start from the implementation of Lukas)
- Evaluate the various keybinding implementations
- Evaluate ToolBuilder
- Evaluate the path to adopt SimpleMorphic

A second working topic is getting Monticello faster, but this will only be 
tackled if there are enough people for the first one.

Adrian and Doru


"Be rather willing to give than demanding to get."

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