[Pharo-project] OCForOB/ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser confusion

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Feb 2 12:32:03 CET 2011

In ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser-LaurentLaffont.92
Laurent updated OCForOB to OCForOB-ul.5 (according to comment 
for issue 3623)

It was updated in #version12:, I would have expected it in
#version123: since Version 1.2.3 IS NEWER than 1.2 and it is 
the last one edited by Johan Brichau.

Another confusion:
 Version: '1.2' uses 1.2-baseline where "OCForOB-ul.5" is
   retrieved from http://www.squeaksource.com/OCompletion
 But in Pharo Task forces there is only an old "OCForOB-GuillermoPolito.4"

 Version: '1.2.3' uses 1.2.1-baseline where "OCForOB-GuillermoPolito.4" is
  retrieved from http://www.squeaksource.com/PharoTaskForces

Next Confusion
 The "1.2-beta2" of ConfigurationOfPharo (used to build the 1.2dev image)
 still uses the OCompletion 1.2.2. instead of the 1.2.3

Last package for OCForOB that I can find is "OCForOB-ul.5"
and I think it should be used? So what is the state here?

I propose:
a) The "OCForOB-GuillermoPolito.4" is obsolete in Version: '1.2.3'
   of ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser and should be exchanged to 
   "OCForOB-ul.5" too 
     => change the 1.2.1-baseline back to use the OCompletion repo
        instead of PharoTaskForces
     => change the 1.2.3 version to use "OCForOB-ul.5"

b) As a second step ConfigurationOfPharo version 1.2-beta2 should 
   then use ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser version 1.2.3 since this is
   the newest and we see problems in Hudson

c) Dont know why there is still a 1.2 version of ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser
   marked as #development when there is already a 1.2.3 version
   marked as #development


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