[Pharo-project] [ANN]Keymappings Settings Integration

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Feb 3 11:04:05 CET 2011

Feedback randomly generated :)

- sixxContentOn: aStream indent: level context: dictionary ??
Do we want to rely on SIXX? No!

- Please add one comment per class!

- run SmallLint
	initialize categoryContainer ifNil: [ categoryContainer := KeymapManager default ]
	=> should do a super initialize

- move deprecated method to 'deprecated' category

- Cant you remove KMCmd and KMMeta
Looks to me that you could do the same with a sharedPool or moving the class methods somewhere else.

- can you have morph/text specific bindings?

I commited some simple changes

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