[Pharo-project] Pharo fondation: administration and real people

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Suggestion : it seems like a lot of the contribution efforts are coming from 
Europe.  Perhaps having a (at least one) "North American point of view" on the 
board would help Pharo get more attention & success on this side of the 
world...  For instance, it's a shame that Pharo doesn't get more academic 
presence in North America as compared to it's academic success in Europe.  I 
don't know what causes that...  But then, one could argue that I'm not 100% 
North American since I'm from Quebec and was born with that "European side"...  

Keep up the good work guy!

Bravo à vous messieurs!

Benoit St-Jean
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Subject: [Pharo-project] Pharo fondation: administration and real people

Hi guys

we are filling up papers with luc to get a fondation for pharo. The idea there 
is to have a minimal administrative board: a president that signs and a 
tresaurer that counts. We suggest to be me and luc because he is doing the work 
for the bank ;)
This admin board should be kept small else at each changes we have to sign 
papers and go to the prefecture and ....

Now we want to have a real board and we would like to hear from you who we would 
like to have on the board.
For me I would like to get people from industry:
    - adrian
    - johan
then some acad
    - me
    - marcus
    - luc

But we want to hear from you about ideas. We do not want an election because we 
do not want to have election :)
The goal of the board will be to think and organize ***public*** discussions 
around pharo visions and next steps
+ organization of bounty and money collecting actions
+ infrastructure (paying bills for servers if necessary)
+ collect licenses...

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