[Pharo-project] Hudson build for Seaside too?

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Fri Feb 4 10:53:05 CET 2011


On 03 Feb 2011, at 22:02, Torsten Bergmann wrote:

> Tell me if this works for you.

I was trying to load the latestVersion of ConfigurationOfSeaside3 into the latest PharoCore 1.2, that does not work (the problem mentioned earlier).

Using the latest 'full' Pharo 1.2 image as you suggested does indeed work. (The package-cache does not seem to be a factor).

I am just guessing, but in the full image there is probably already some OmniBrowser stuff present that is different from what ConfigurationOfSeaside3 tries to load.

Is there a place to get the script that turns PharoCore 1.2 into Pharo 1.2 ? It would be nice if it could be downloaded or viewed right in the build server.

Thanks for the help,


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