[Pharo-project] About FileSystem

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Fri Feb 4 14:08:10 CET 2011

On Feb 4, 2011, at 12:12 AM, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> Ok I'm trying 
> I have 
> version102: spec 
> 	<version: '1.0.2' imports: #('1.0-baseline') >
> 	spec for: #common do: [
> 		spec blessing: #release.
> 		spec package: 'FileSystem'].
> (ConfigurationOfFilesystem project version:  '1.0.2') load
> worked now 
> (MetacelloToolBox validateConfiguration: ConfigurationOfFilesystem)
> 	inspect
> 	Critical Warning: No version specified for the package 'Filesystem' in version '1.0.1' { noVersionSpecified } [ #validateVersionSpec: ]
> 	Critical Warning: The name of package 'FileSystem' does not match the file name 'Filesystem-cwp.63' in version '1.0.1' { packageNameMismatch } [ #validateVersionSpec: ]
> 	Critical Warning: No version specified for the package 'Filesystem' in version '1.0.2' { noVersionSpecified } [ #validateVersionSpec: ]
> I was confused why this is a critical warning?
> MetacelloToolBox descriptionForValidationReasonCode: #noVersionSpecified
> I got a DNU at:at:

Ah yes, the at:at: problem .. I have had a fix for that in 1.0-beta.28.3 for awhile but got busy and neglected to push out a new version ... too many things going on:(

The description for #noVersionSpecified is:

   'no version defined for the project reference or package. The version specified in the 
    baseline or the latest version of the project or package in the repository will be used.'

and the description for #packageNameMismatch is:

   'the name in the packageSpec does not match the name of the mcz file.'

You haven't provided the baseline spec or the spec for 1.0.1, but it looks like you must have used the name:


in the baseline, while you are using the name


(with a capital S) in the 1.0.2 spec and in the 1.0.1 spec. Perhaps you have renamed the package from Filesystem... to FileSystem...?

#noVersionSpecified is a criticalWarning, because a version spec should have explicit versions specified for all packages and projects, otherwise you don't have a complete specification. As the 1.0.2 spec stands the latest mz file in the repository will be loaded.  

I'll try to push out 1.0-beta.28.3 this weekend:)


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