[Pharo-project] Which ConfigurationOfPharo should use in Pharo 1.2 ?

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Fri Feb 4 15:41:04 CET 2011

On Feb 4, 2011, at 6:01 AM, Guillermo Polito wrote:

> Should we remove invalid and unused versions?  

Good question. 

I think the first rule of thumb is to never remove a version from a configuration. Once you have published a configuration you don't know if someone else has referenced a published version in their configuration and if you remove the version you will break their configuration. 

Removing a configuration version is the moral equivalent of deleting an mcz file from a repository...it only hurts the other folks that depend upon the file.

Sooo, it follows that a) if you don't think any is using the version and b) you don't mind if you break someone else's configuration then you can go ahead and remove the version...in the case of an emergency, the removed version can be restored from and older version of the configuration mcz file ...


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