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Miguel Cobá miguel.coba at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 15:58:38 CET 2011

Very good!

El vie, 04-02-2011 a las 12:42 +0100, Marcus Denker escribió:
> -> Image after tests have run is now saved as a zip with a better name. e.g: 
> 		https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Pharo/job/Pharo%201.2/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/Pharo-1.2-AfterRunningTests.zip
> -> Now we have a scheme in place for re-using generated images further "down" in the build stream
>      This means: Core is updated, then saved. Then a build of Full is triggered automatically, re-using the updated Core.
>      Full then is saved, usable for other projects (ie clients like Seaside or experimental things ike RPackacke or Opal)
>      For one, this saves some build time and it makes builds on top of Full actually practical.
>      (this means my Opal image is always up-to date and I can start just with fresh image in the morning)
> -> Therefore, we have now a "Pharo-Clients" tab:
>           https://pharo-ic.lille.inria.fr/hudson/view/Pharo-Clients/

Why not Pharo-Distributions?

>     I am adding Seaside now, but we can add whatever we want to have knowledge on how changes influence clients.
>     (So if you want your project here, just send a mail with build instructions!)
> -> For Coral I am experimenting with dedicated regression test projects. This will be good for many things in the image,
>     too. (e.g. writing new sources, condensing changes, recompiling, decompiling...)


Miguel Cobá

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