[Pharo-project] About FS: sad reality.

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Fri Feb 4 20:10:45 CET 2011

On 04 Feb 2011, at 19:45, Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> sven, I know. Still I think that I read a lot of code in a lot of languages and even more in Smalltalk
> and if I cannot find my way with anObject because it was too complex to write aStringOrReference then I should stop and
> this is  what I'm doing. I stopped. I started to read fileMan and rio again not to integrate them but to have a look. 
> In addition I'm not in the mood to get a sensitive abstraction dictated by 'oh we should not change it because it should run in squeak'. 
> I feel the pain of Monticello without comments and I do not want that for files. I will not crawl to comment it even if people like the design
> because I have something else to do about my time. 
> I also think that there are funny ideas. Why I cannot create an empty file or why a workingDirection isWorkingDirection is false and why 
> workingDirection does not return a reference instead of a path......and a lot more. 
> So 
> 	first comment
> 	second test in black box (because most of the tests cannot be used to understand the public api and this is why I was trapped all the time)
> 	third refactor
> but it will not be me. 
> Stef

Maybe the code base is indeed not good enough, not finished (yet).
Maybe some important abstractions and even functionalities are (still) missing.

A couple of lines of comments (like a class comment stating the purpose), the usual Smalltalk conventions and some unit tests should be the minimum indeed.

Anyway, things are improving a lot in Pharo, so that is good.

It is just that it is an enormeous amount of work to write open source code, publish it, support and document it, you know that too.


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