[Pharo-project] Alien + MacVM + plugin/primitive error

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 23:48:59 CET 2011

btw... since you are working with Alien, I just commit my refactor of Alien-MacOS package (just in case)
is not yet fully functional, but it is "almost there"


El 04/02/2011, a las 7:41p.m., Igor Stasenko escribió:

> On 4 February 2011 23:17, Esteban Lorenzano <estebanlm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> oops... the answer to Luc was also for all the list... not private
>> intention, just wrong button pressed. I'm coping here again... sorry :)
>> Hi Luc,
>> cool you are willing to help :)
>> in 5.7.4 alien is integrated to the vm... so you need to download latest
>> version from here: http://gitorious.org/~estebanlm/squeak-vm/cocoa-osx and
>> should compile out of the box. The project is
>> platforms/iOS/vm/SqueakPureObjc.xcodeproj
>> there is a PharoDev 1.1.1 with every thing loaded there (under ./image)
>> To generate the files as expected, you can execute CMakeGenScripts
>> generateCocoaVM.
>> ...and that's all :)
> btw, Esteban, check out the latest CMakeVMMaker package.
> I trying to invent somewhat more convenient protocol for this.. help me :)
> So, what i did is made each CPlatformConfig subclasses to answer
> #generate (to generate config only)
> and
> #generateWithSource (to generate vmmaker sources and then config)
> because it is logical, that each config knows how to generate itself
> (StackVMConfig knows which  VM sources it should use etc).
> So, i think this script (#generateCocoaVM) should be put into
> CocoaIOSConfig or one of its subclasses >> #generateSourceFiles method
> as well as many other CMakeGenScripts >> generateXXXX,
> So then we could use something simple , like:
> CogUnixConfig generate[WithSources]
> CocoaIOSConfig generate[WithSources]
> i.e. pick config which you wanna use and do the rest automatically  :)
> P.S. i hope someday we could even run builds using OSProcessPlugin
> directly from image by issuing:
> ABCDEblablaConfig  build
> :)
>> btw... in my Alien-MacOS, I needed to fix some things (on the native code,
>> not yet merged into trunk), and now -in my tests- everything looks like
>> working, but not the tests... it fails loading a library, maybe because the
>> library is not there (as it is an integrated module)... I didn't spend time
>> fixing the tests yet :(
>> Cheers,
>> Esteban
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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