[Pharo-project] Network training

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Feb 5 10:12:39 CET 2011

luc and levente

@luc: you are a newbie with 6 years or more of smalltalk so a kind a strange one.

I understand the points of levente
	- if the plugin code would be nice (documented, cleaned) and if we would have build server to recompile everything without warning every line
	then this is probably true that recompiling the plugin is easier for a new platform. This is a valid argument.
	- now I understand luc, noury, igor idea. Minimize truck factor. Now the key point is to see if threaded FFI is there, working and maintainable.

So levente no need to bash them. I think that this is an interesting experience and I want more:
	- I want a new api and design of network that can work on the plugin or not
	- I want a VM that compile every times we commit a change to pharo
	- I want plugin code and VM to be be cleaned: using abstraction instead of bitAnd: everywhere and no warning.

This is the only way that in 5 years from now (when eliot will be turned into a Javascript Virtual machine guru and andreas gone to android business
or whatever and ), the community can continue to have good tools and I HATE to think that in 5 years I should think: "SHIT the code rot during all that time
and if only we would have invested in cleaning and maintaining it". So let us do it NOW!

When do we start to think about process, tools and artefacts that will survive us. 


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