[Pharo-project] thinking about a community model of funding

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In all of that is a comment that there are already multiple social networking systems available.  It brings up a few questions, including whether another one is really needed?  It sounds like a few college kids managed to raise some real money to fund something (aka "buy the beer") that one or two of their peers might do for a senior design project.

Let's say I read it wrong and there is a big void waiting to be filled.  It would be interesting to see how Seaside would stack up against the alternatives.  Interestingly, I was reading on that topic earlier today.

In my more cynical moments, I think the way for Smalltalkers to succeed is to use it to do things under the radar, leaving the competition wondering what hit them.  I would not recommend spending time to write a framework or even a turn-key system in the hopes that others will use it.  If there is a niche that remains to be filled and you want to be the service provider and Seaside is up to the load that you would hope would result from getting it right, then go for it.


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>I would like to see a model like that around the pharo virtual machine >emerging
>       http://phk.freebsd.dk/VML/

Do you know this new funding platform:


There is also an interesting story with that: some guys
announced there they wanted to write a "Facebook" replacement
called "diaspora" that is open and better in privacy things:


Interesting enough they got LOTs of money @kickstarter and then they
started coding - in Ruby on Rails. Looks like they got stuck
due to development problems after they released the source code:


Maybe they should have used Seaside ...

Should we spend some spare time to write a Facebook II using
Pharo and Seaside 3.0? Then we would have a killer app and
more people interested ;)

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