[Pharo-project] Issue 3659 in pharo: Task bar appearance does not make sense

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Mon Feb 7 20:11:02 CET 2011

Comment #6 on issue 3659 by ncalexan... at gmail.com: Task bar appearance does  
not make sense

This is what I did.  I then saved the slice to my local repo, and played it  
back in a fresh image; that worked fine.  I then saved that slice to the  
PharoInbox repo (after it was loaded and working into a fresh image), and  
Tudor tells me it doesn't work.

I also had tons of trouble getting the slice to not record hundreds of  
spurious changes to Polymorph-Widgets that I didn't make.

I will attempt to address another issue and try the process again, but for  
this issue, somebody else can cut the slice into PharoInbox.

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