[Pharo-project] about FS: a roadmap

Stéphane Ducasse Stephane.Ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Feb 9 13:30:46 CET 2011

HI guys

I was rambling.... so I looked at other frameworks (RIO, FileMan) and I prefer FS.
So I will start to write again comments, continue to reorganize the current structure.
I was in contact with colin that told me that he found the improved version that he was doing after ESUG.
I asked him to publish it into filesystem

I will integrate the fixes of damien.
I would like to have 
	- a better help (already there).
	- Rename workingDirectory as workingDirectoryPath
	- add workingDirectory returning a FSReference
	- Every method with an adequate comment. The idea is that the comment should describe what the method does when we do not see its
	body: let us try to think a bit in JavaDoc or Ruby Yard fashion for once. 
	- Use rename primitives
	- Have the possibility to create empty file
	- Clean identification of implementation tests and black box tests
	- Integrate Gemstone fixes
	- Stream usage clearly identified to support Gemstone migration)
	- Onion like structure so that we can have one or two packages that are really the core 
	(yes I still want a minimal kernel).
	- Check the file API creation:
			old, new, exist.... 
	- Prepare a migration path for 1.3
	- Fix filesystem workingDirectory isWorkingDirectory returns false.
	- rename fileDoesNotExist: and friends do convey that its goal is mainly to raise en exception 

Of course I would like to avoid to throw away all that good energy so I hope to collaborate with colin.
We will see what will happen. I can understand that he has another agenda/time frame but we should
move on this front. So all my code will be publicly available in the SqueakSource/fs repository.

If you think that this is the wrong path, let me know. 
I will report my changes regularly.


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