[Pharo-project] Issue 3583 in pharo: Shout should only be active in code panes

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Thu Feb 10 21:11:28 CET 2011

Comment #40 on issue 3583 by stephane... at gmail.com: Shout should only be  
active in code panes

When I try to load the cs in order I get an error.... if I drop the file  
and ask the code browser.
So I drop the file and loaded as new cs, so this means that we will have  
yet another bug in two versions....

So I sugges that we stop.

systemCategoryListIndex: anInteger
	"Set the selected system category index to be anInteger. Update all other
	selections to be deselected."

	self textMorph beStyled.

does not understand beStyled.

I integrated the change in 12334 and now if there is a bug. You should  
provide a fix and before try a lot of
behavior. This bug will not be a showstopper I imagine.

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