[Pharo-project] could we agree to remove caseOf: and caseOf:otherwise:

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Feb 11 22:43:54 CET 2011

Hi guys

let us do another pass at cleaning and realigning the system.
Could we agree to deprecate caseOf: and caseOf:otherwise:?
it will simply the compiler, decompiler and also we do not need that at all.

| z | z := {[#a]->[1+1]. ['b' asSymbol]->[2+2]. [#c]->[3+3]}. #b caseOf: z

"| z | z := {[#a]->[1+1]. ['b' asSymbol]->[2+2]. [#c]->[3+3]}. 
z detect: [:each | each key value = #b] "

there is one user which I fixing right now. 


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