[Pharo-project] Loading Seaside into Pharo 1.2 core

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Mon Feb 14 21:42:50 CET 2011

Hi, i want to load Seaside into Pharo 1.2 core.  I have followed
various threads talking about doing this with metacello, but beyond
the simple tutorial i have worked through I am lost. I don't want to
have to specify each package by hand.

I can do this...

Gofer new
	squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
	package: 'ConfigurationOfSeaside30';
(ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project version: '3.0.3')
	load: { 'Grease Core'. 'Grease Core Tests'. 'Swazoo2'}
I can do this...

(ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project version: '3.0.3')
	load: { 'Javascript-Core'}

but how do I load all the stuff declared as #common, or some of the
other parts, in the spec? I don't want to do this in a Pharo image.

If I do something like load: { #common }  or load: { #pharo } then
this was clearly a stupid request and I get 100s of errors pop up from
some decompiler issue and my image dies.  If someone can help or just
point me at the part of the docs I should be reading that would be


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