[Pharo-project] could we agree to remove caseOf: and caseOf:otherwise:

csrabak at bol.com.br csrabak at bol.com.br
Tue Feb 15 19:53:38 CET 2011


Case (a.k.a "switch") constructs are not "so bad in Smalltalk" only, they are considered bad OO practice and it is tabled in the "The Object-Orientation Abuse" code smell when refactoring.

there is an abundant literature about it that you can find online, so I'll refrain to make this post to long.  If you folks think it is worth, we can open a different thread...

Cesar Rabak

Em 14/02/2011 20:33, Adrien BARREAU < abarreau.dev at live.fr > escreveu:


I'm sorry to interrupt that discussion, but I read all the messages about that subject since you started to discuss it and I really would like to understand a thing:
Why does the case structure seem to be so bad in Smalltalk?

I hope some of you could explain me :)


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