[Pharo-project] A new GUI visual designer

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Wed Feb 16 10:01:23 CET 2011

> > But whatever [your GUI widgetry model] is, you can transfer a
> > method using it to another live system, because (at least in the
> > stuff I wrote) you can transfer any method no matter what its
> > literals are.
> I see, but then we have to check if a given message send may end up
> in MNUs, right?

     No; it's still up to the author of the code to create modules which
contain all the methods required for the application. There are ways to
automate that, though. (For example, creating modules by noting all the
methods which get run by the application's unit tests.)

> I think I can see this grand vision working if some kind of
> 'equivalence' of widgets could be produced so that a Morphic based
> GUI design could be used in [say] wxWidgets based {Pharo,Squeak}.

     I'm not suggesting anything (yet) about what the GUI object model
should be, just that we don't need to resort to transcribing the objects
into a textual ("dead") form in order to deploy it.

> > ...you're dealing  with first-class  objects  all the time. That's
> > what  makes  this scheme  adaptable  to GUI  framework change.  You
> > can examine GUI objects, ask them to convert themselves to
> > another  framework's structures,  etc.  with familiar  Smalltalk
> > tools.
> I understand that in order that to be possible they would need to
> answer to the become: protocol and need to have in the target image
> both the frameworks, right?

     Not necessarily, no (on both issues).

> With the caveat I may still have not understood your proposal in
> full...

     I'm just suggesting that representing GUI structures
non-programmatically can be done by using objects directly, without
transcription (without viewspecs, XML, etc.).

> I see that in limit, the right mapping would be to the host system GUI
> primitives, so the whole issue of having to design a specific widget
> hierarchy would vanish.  Correct?

     Again, I'm not saying anything yet about what a good GUI object
model would be.

> regards, and keep the research in Spoon!



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