[Pharo-project] Issue 3718 in pharo: Color class>>wheel: should be (back) on class side

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Wed Feb 16 18:48:48 CET 2011

Comment #1 on issue 3718 by jbth... at gmail.com: Color class>>wheel:     
should be (back) on class side

UPDATE: Actually, it looks like there were *3* versions of wheel:, across  
both class and instance side:
   Color>>wheel: thisMany
   Color class>>wheel: thisMany
   Color class>>wheel: thisMany saturation: s brightness: v

In 1.2rc2, only the first one is present, which returns a wheel starting  
from that color.  The class versions return a wheel starting from hue 0.  I  
consider the class-side versions conceptually distinct (ie. the Canonical  
Color Wheel) and valuable in themselves, but since they all go through the  
instance-side method, I can also see the argument for keeping only that  
method (in the interest of minimalism?).

Squeak 4.1 still has all 3 methods.  The Pharo code that is doing (Color  
new wheel:), looks like a "canonical" usage.

In any case, if collapsing to 1 method, all the senders need to be cleaned  
up to consistently message the instance, and the test comment at the bottom  

For documentation, I note here the canonical Color class>>wheel:
was effectively
(Color h:0.0 s:0.9 v:0.7) wheel:

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