[Pharo-project] [BUG] 1.2 UTF8TextConverter: Invalid utf8 input detected

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Fri Feb 18 00:11:48 CET 2011

On 17.02.2011 22:44, Igor Stasenko wrote:
> On 17 February 2011 18:20, Stéphane Ducasse<Stephane.Ducasse at inria.fr>  wrote:
>> **tx**
>>> Can you open a ticket?
>>> Already done: http://code.google.com/p/pharo/issues/detail?id=3721
>>> Janko
>> Igor could you have a look?
> yes.
I've been looking into it, it's the SecurityPlugin sources used by Cog 
not doing conversion from system codepage to utf8.
The one in standard vm does it, but it's still suboptimal compared to 
using GetUserNameW.
Hopefully find time to finish up and post proposal code to vmdev tomorrow.


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