[Pharo-project] Issue 3694 in pharo: Balloon message should be opaque for better readability

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Fri Feb 18 19:17:43 CET 2011

Comment #2 on issue 3694 by jbth... at gmail.com: Balloon message should be  
opaque for better readability

I agree, the new burnt orange balloon color is too transparent and ugly,  
near-illegible, IMO. The former cyan color+transparency was very nice, why  
not keep that.  (hmm,  In the 1.1.1 image, there does not seem to be an  
initializer for the BalloonMorph BalloonColor classvar, and there are no  
senders of
   BalloonMorph class>>setBalloonColorTo:
So possibly the initializer got lost a while back and we've been running on  
an image constant for some time.)

I found the former nice cyan color is
rgb = 977210367
alpha = 242
TranslucentColor r:0.91 g:0.94 b: 1.0 alpha: 0.949
	(note: slight glitch, that r:g:b:alpha: expression actually yields  
alpha=241 rgb=977210367

It's constructed in the Squeak 4.1  BlueSmallLandColorTheme, as follows
  	^ (self light: 1) twiceLighter alpha: 0.95
where (self light: 1) in this case is:
	(Color fromArray: #(0.85 0.9 1.0 ))

Squeak 4.1 looks to have a reasonably well developed Color system with  
different themes.  It's not clear that needs to be alternately  
re-implemented, if that's what's happening here.  At least we should keep  
some of the good themes.

Please lets restore the legacy cyan balloon color for now, and I agree with  
making this a themable SystemSetting.

The quick fix patch for 1.2rc2 is

BalloonMorph class>>defaultBalloonColor
	^ (Color fromArray: #(0.85 0.9 1.0 )) twiceLighter alpha: 0.95

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