[Pharo-project] Issue 3734 in pharo: Build of 1.1 Full is broken...

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Sat Feb 19 01:49:30 CET 2011

Status: Accepted
Owner: marcus.d... at gmail.com
Labels: Milestone-1.1-DevImage Importance-High

New issue 3734 by marcus.d... at gmail.com: Build of 1.1 Full is broken...

Somehow is loads different packages than in the past...

   Error: Could not resolve: Collection-Arithmetic [Collection-Arithmetic]  
in /builds/workspace/Pharo 1.1/Pharo-1.1/package-cache  
   19 February 2011 1:43:54 am

   VM: unix - i686 - linux - Squeak4.1 of 17 April 2010 [latest update:  
   Image: Pharo1.1.1 [Latest update: #11420]

   SecurityManager state:
   Restricted: false
   FileAccess: true
   SocketAccess: true
   Working Dir /builds/workspace/Pharo 1.1/Pharo-1.1
   Trusted Dir /builds/workspace/Pharo 1.1/Pharo-1.1/secure
   Untrusted Dir /builds/workspace/Pharo 1.1/Pharo-1.1/My Squeak

   	Receiver: a MetacelloFetchingMCSpecLoader(linear load : 2.0  
   	load : Soun...etc...
   	Arguments and temporary variables:
   		aString: 	'Could not resolve: Collection-Arithmetic  
[Collection-Arithmetic] in /...etc...
   	Receiver's instance variables:
   		spec: 	a MetacelloMCVersionSpecLoader
   		operator: 	#'>='
   		loaderPolicy: 	a MetacelloLoaderPolicy
   		disablePackageCache: 	false

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