[Pharo-project] OmniBrowser in PharoCore 1.3

Adrien BARREAU abarreau.dev at live.fr
Mon Feb 21 14:40:46 CET 2011

I launch: "ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser project latestVersion load".
Sorry I didn't copy the error before. Here it is: 

    "OBMercuryPanel initialize"
        addPreference: #mercuryPanel
        categories: #('browsing')
        default: false
     balloonHelp: 'Adds the mercury panel to OmniBrowser. This panel is 
the one on top to search senders, implementors, classes...'

Raises MNU. The Preferences class have no messages since it seems to be deprecated.


Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 10:27:10 -0300
Subject: Re: [Pharo-project] OmniBrowser in PharoCore 1.3
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Which version are you loading?  I didn't test it in 1.3 yet because 1.2 is not out, hehe.
BTW, can you copy the error here?  It's a bit weird that the error is related to Preferences...


On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 10:23 AM, Adrien BARREAU <abarreau.dev at live.fr> wrote:

Hello all,

I'm trying to load the OmniBrowser in PharoCore 1.3.
I use the ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser in MetacelloRepository.

But it raises errors on messages to the Preferences class.

Is there a way to load this browser in PharoCore 1.3? It's more difficult to use the basic browser.


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